Psychotherapy and Coaching for English Speaking Clients

14.10.2014by: Radu Nicolae Cocea

The funny thing about doing psychotherapy and coaching in English is that many of the psychotherapy books and articles that I read are already in English.


So when I work with Romanian clients, I have to translate a lot of concepts from English into Romanian, which is not always possible. For example, the word GRIT does not have a Romanian correspondent, so I have to use a translation of its definition: passion and perseverance for long-term goals (and I use the term a lot, since it deals with resilience - one of the major themes for stress management).


Thus, sometimes, for me, working with clients who speak English can be easier than working in Romanian!


Of course, I will never be a native English speaker, but thanks to a few years of drafting documents in English and of communicating with English-speaking clients, I can say my English will probably never get rusty.



Who I am


My name is Radu-Nicolae Cocea. I specialize in two main areas: (i) anxiety, stress reduction and mindfulness and (ii) communication issues in relationships.


I work in psychotherapy and life coaching sessions and I lead training groups in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and communication. I am certified as an integrative therapist by the Romanian Psychologists' Association, according to Law 213/2004.


I practice cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT), which is a scientifically validated technique (meaning that it has been tried and proven to work and also this means that there is no psychobabble here).


The goal is to better adapt to a difficult situation, whether this means better communicating or managing one's own emotions better.  The focus of CBT is our attitudes and thoughts, leading to a better management of emotions and behavior.


I take an active stance in the sessions, which means that the psychotherapy that I practice is rather different from the "classical" perception of the  psychotherapist that just listens with and asks questions about childhood. During sessions, I focus on the present, on problem solving, on actively bringing awareness into daily life and on building coping abilities. I also use mindfulness techniques, which are meant to facilitate awareness of thoughts and feelings.


My commitment is to:


- the scientific validity of the techniques that I use;

- adaptation of my therapeutic strategy to the needs of each client (which means I will never force my ideas into anybody's head, but will respectfully invite a client to change her/his perspective, if necessary, taking into consideration the main thing which guides me through the therapy or coaching session - the client's goals);

- adherence to the Psychologists' Ethics code.


My motto is: "The objective of psychotherapy is inner balance, in ANY circumstance."

Confidentiality is an obligation that I undertake totally, in accordance with the Romanian laws and with the statutes of the psychological profession.

The location of the office is about 10 minutes from Universitate, in a new building. Full address is Str. Traian, nr. 187-189, sc. 1, et. 1, ap. 1, intercom 001.

You can find a map here.


The easiest way to contact me is by using the contact form below, but you can also contact me by email: or by phone: 0744 438 489.





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